With FLYSAFE solution, fly safely in low-altitude airspace!

Low-altitude air traffic management

Aviation safety: a key challenge

ASD is a French start-up specializing in Unmanned Air Traffic Management: U-ATM. Convinced that air safety is a prerequisite to develop air-mobility, our teams bring innovative tools that are essential for wider use of airspace.


The growth in drone use has disrupted the traditional aviation world.

It requires pilots and airspace managers to be more vigilant, but opens up new perspectives for industrial and professionals who use drones or light aircraft as a working tool.
This new situation is one of the pillars of ASD foundation.


Adapted to all your needs

The solutions developed by ASD make it possible to secure low-altitude airspace. They are modular and meet your needs whether you are users or managers of low-altitude airspace. Easy to install and use, they assist you in your air operations whether it is to manage airspace, operate a drone or fly.

For all low-altitude airspace users and operators

UAV pilots and operators

Airspace managers


Larges accounts

Restricted areas

Innovative and efficient features


Our solutions meet the needs of low-altitude airspace users and managers


Save valuable time in your operations


Easy to install and use, they work on all media: Win 10, Mac, IOS and Android


Our solutions make easier your administrative and regulatory procedures


Airspace and Operations Management Platform

The “FlySafe” Aerospace Platform provides low-altitude air traffic information and offers, around additional data collected by EITS tracker, support services to airspace operators and managers.

It is developed in accordance with the “European ATM Master Plan” and integrates European operational and legal issues.

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Aircraft Electronic Identification & Tracking System

ASD offers the EITS  tracker (Electronic Identification & Tracking System). This tracker is a technological concentrate (wireless and satellite network) that has very high data transmission capabilities. It allows to communicate much more information than the only real-time geolocation. All the collected data is synthesized on the “FlySafe” platform.


What’s new?

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