Air Space Drone joins European network of U-Space demonstrators

The European network of U-Space demonstrators was launched in June 2018 at the initiative of European Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc. This network aims to enable the sharing of knowledge on how to ensure the safety, safety and sustainability of drone operations. It focuses on The U-Space: a set of new services and procedures designed to support access to drone airspace.

The network relies on the expertise of EASA, SESAR-JUandEUROCONTROL to develop resources to support European network projects and authorities in charge of approving drone operations .

Air Space Drone joined the network in June 2019. Joining this network promises him an opening at European level, while exchanging on his experience and know-how with other service providers, drone operators, local and regional authorities, private companies and competent authorities with a view to:

      1. Reducing the risks associated with implementing U-Space services, reducing errors and uncertainties related to “first use”;
      2. Accelerate the marketing of new services and solutions, including by facilitating the mobilization of relevant public and private actors who play a central role in enabling and authorizing the deployment of such solutions on the market;
      3. Reduce red tape by simplifying cross-border regulatory and administrative barriers, and push for harmonization where possible.
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