mg race

FlySafe has made it possible to follow the progress of jet-skis on the MG Race

It is on the beautiful island of Marie-Galante that the MG Race jet-ski race took place on January 24th, 25th and 26th, 2020.
This first edition of the MG Race welcomed about fifty prestigious pilots who competed during 3 days on a course of 6 stages, 296 km long. The population and jet-ski enthusiasts were able to enjoy this magnificent spectacle in an exceptional setting.

Followed the race by drone
UAVs were available throughout the event to monitor the progress of the pilots. They enabled the jet-skis to be tracked over the entire course in order to secure the area and enable the rescue services to intervene if necessary.
Addressing environmental issues was also a key factor in making the race a success. The UAV tracking provided a global view of both the maritime area and its marine fauna, so as to warn participants in the event of unexpected encounters.

Managing the UAV fleet with FlySafe
Securing the airspace by monitoring UAV activity during the event was a key element in ensuring that no incidents occurred. In partnership with Alizea Drone, ASD deployed its FlySafe platform. This platform enables the management of low altitude airspace and thus the control of UAVs operating in this area.
FlySafe thus acted on 3 points during and after the race :

  • Administrative management: flight request, management of geographical layers etc.).
  • Real time monitoring: full screen map allowing to follow the situation, the position of the plotters, the airspace, the weather, etc.
  • Analysis and replay of flights: see the tracks of flights made and replay a flight point by point, possibility to export flight data as well.

Credit photo : Alizea Drone

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