Partenariat ASD et Fly Control

Partnership between ASD and Fly Control, the 2019 LEPINE Grand Prize Winner

Fly Control is a revolution for firefighters. Indeed, Fly Control has developed a real innovation for them, a water bomber drone!

This revolutionary invention allows firefighters to monitor sensitive areas and intervene quickly to prevent fires from returning.

Why this partnership?


Fly Control, winner of the Grand Prix of the 2019 Lepine Competition, is a real added value for our Flysafe platform. Indeed, the Fire man drone combined with our Flysafe platform allows firefighters to monitor, detect and respond safely in real time. The Fire man drone is thus visible in real time, even in case of interference in the theatre of operations by the emission of smoke or night conditions. No matter the circumstances, the drone remains detectable, with a curtain of smoke or at night.

Real-time geolocation allows it to accurately identify fire departures, gauge its extent and respond to the data transmitted. This data is time-stamped, which allows it to keep the memory and the plot of the interventions.

The FlySafe solution allows several fire-fighting drones to work together. The management of a fleet guarantees efficiency and opportunities for multiple intervention in the theatre of the same operation.

Flight clearances are done in an automated manner depending on the regulations of the area of intervention. It can be done both in saturated urban areas and in the countryside.

Finally, our FlySafe software acts as a real fleet management tool. It allows drones that have been damaged or have come to a technical deadline to be overhauled or maintained. Similarly, recalls of pilot training or machine insurance are served on the owner of the drone or fleet. The FlySafe solution is thus complementary to the Fly-Control fire drone. It ensures compliance with the legislative and regulatory framework. Global control makes it a real work assistant for fire and rescue centre managers.

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