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According to ICAO, “Aviation safety is a condition in which the risk of harm and damage is limited to an acceptable level and maintened at this level with a continuing process of hazard identification and risk management“.

In other words, it is to put tools in place to avoid collisions between aircraft and reduce third-party risks.

Our solutions meet these requirements and allow to:

Identify Aircrafts
track location in real-time
Supervise Airspace
Manage administrative process
Plan a flight
Process data


A new changing environment

Air transport is a complex system that offers many interactions between different actors and involves multiple human interventions in a changing environment.

The UAV growth as well as aircraft intensification in low-altitude airspace makes it essential to develop efficient and interoperable tools to cover these new needs.

Solutions for all low-altitude airspace users and operators

Drone pilots and operators: professional & recreational

Whether you have one or more drones, whether you are a professional or recreational user, ASD offers you a solution to evolve safely in the airspace

Airspace managers and operators

ASD provides you a platform to manage fully your airspace by integrating aircrafts flying at low altitude.

Large accounts, drone fleet managers

We put at your disposal a solution to plan your flights, manage flight restrictions and adapt in real-time, process and archive your data.


International, national or regional, security, prevention, law enforcement, insurance: you need to manage airspace information. Our FlySafe solution is set to answer your needs.

Restricted Areas

SEVESO classified sites, protected areas, one-off meetings of people: our solution allows you to manage an environment that you pre-determine to protect it from unwanted aircraft.

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Airspace and Operations Management Platform

1. Situational Awareness

Dedicated mapping

Real-time location

Flight compliance brief: aeronautical information, rules, weather, etc.

2. Administrative procedures

Drone registration

Airspace authorisations

3. Data processing

Flight archive

Flight Feedback and optimisation

4. Airspace management

Airspace zones definition

5. Separate manned and unmanned aircraft operating within a managed airspace

EITS Tracker

Aircraft Electronic Identification & Tracking System


Real-time tracking

Fixed location

Flight parameters: Position, Altitude, Direction

Connection with Airspace authorities

Authentication of pilots and aircraft

Secure transmission

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